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We've created a True Self-Sustaining Miner Ecosystem

ChickenLand is the most advanced and a true self-sustaining miner ecosystem that’s been created in the DeFi Space yet! 

What makes chickenland the best one

Chicken Land Features


Pro Team

ChickenLand Team is experiencedand amazingly professional! Team is KYC'D too!

Extremely Sustainable

ChickenLand contract is designed to be the most sustainable at any point of time

Use-case Oriented

The ChickenLand ecosystem isdesigned to be everlasting becauseof a self-sustaining eco-system

Highly Secure

We have a contract which can'tbe changed and there is0 chance of a rug.

About the ChickenLand

ChickenLand is the most advanced and fully sustainable ecosystem that rewards its investors up to 9% daily. We are also the first BNB miner to introduce pre-built auto-compounding strategies ready to use by our holders, all you need to do is select the strategy that you want to use and the contract will do it automatically for you, not need to compound manually (A famous example is the 6:1 strategy that consists of hatching eggs for 6 days and eating eggs the 7th day)

Prebuilt Strategies
Daily Return
Why us?

What makes ChickenLand Special?

As an investor, you main ask yourself a legitimate question, how can the ChickenLand deliver such high returns while being sustainable. The protocol as multiple sources of income that make is sustainable. ChickenLand is the FIRST miner that is sustainable for a very long time due to it’s unique approach including a token $CORN that gets burned to feed chickens.
Dev Tax
Marketing Tax
Return to Holders
Our Timeline


We will keep on adding to the roadmap as we proceed towards these goals. This is an actively supported project and will always be like that! Details about the roadmap are better explained here.

About $CORN

What is $BITCORN Token?

$BITCORN is a token acting as a utility in the ChickenLand, just like it has it's real life utility. BitCORN's price will fluctuate with investments, and it will be used to feed chickens so they produce eggs at a quicker rate (Rewards percentage increase when you feed $BITCORN to Chickens)

Buy $BitCORN